Sunday, 12 May 2019

Cerastium fontanum subsp. holosteoides (Common Mouse-ear) was a nice surprise today on the dunes at Grogan Burrow, as it is a new subsp. for the county. I have known this almost hairless Mouse-ear on the dunes of Ballyteige Burrow since about 2011, but have never seen it flowering. Today as soon as I saw the flowers, noticing how much larger they were, it took me back to seeing this subsp. in the Comeragh Mountains in Co. Waterford.

The leaves look glossy as they are hairless, except for along the margins. The internodes are hairless except for a single row of hairs.

I now have to visit Ballyteige Burrow to see if the hairless Cerastium fontanum there are the same subsp.  

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