Thursday, 14 August 2014

Epilobium x confusilobium new to Co. Wexford

 Mr Pennington the BSBI referee for Epilobium has just returned my specimen and agreed with me that my Epilobium x confusilobium is the correct hybrid. A new species for the Wexford list. This is the hybrid between the native E. montanum and the introduced E. brunnescens. There was just one plant on a forest road (see above) in the very north of the county. Below is a close up of the plant taken before I pressed it. Has the bronzy colour leaves of E. brunnescens, growth habit of E. montanum and flowers that drop like E. brunnescens.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Some great finds from the marshes below Cahore Point


Shane Farrel has been finding some great species in the marshes on the east coast of Wexford below Cahore Point. Pictured here are two photos of Golden Dock (Rumex maritimus), the first county record away from the south coast of the county. He also found Senecio inaequidens (Narrow-leaved Ragwort), the 2nd county record. Here it grew in large numbers along a gravel track (see bottom photo). He also found Cynoglossum officinale (Hound's-tongue) (not pictured here), the first record from the dunes adjoining the marsh since H.C. Hart reported it there in 1881. He also had Scutellaria galericulata (Skullcap), the first county record since 1991.