Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Rosa x scabriuscula (Rosa canina x tomentosa)

 Always surprises me how you can keep walking past a plant without noticing it, must of walked by this hybrid rose at least 100 times over the last few years. One large bush growing in a roadside hedge at Bannow Bay. There are a few scattered sites for this hybrid in Co. Wexford. The interesting thing is that Rosa tomentosa has only been recorded 3 times in the county. Roger Maskew confirmed this hybrid for me, glad I got the ID correct.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Utricularia australis (Bladderwort) first county record since 1937

 Frankie Tennant asked me today to come over and look at a bladderwort for him, which he had found on South Slob. Looking at the glands in the spur this has to be Utricularia australis (Bladderwort), which was last reported from the county in 1937. It was common in the drains on the slobs.
 Above photo taken by Didier Paris. Top and bottom taken by me. All the brown you can see in the water in the below photo is the bladderwort.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Carex pallescens (Pale Sedge) first county record since 1944

 Paula O'Meara has found Pale Sedge along a path in a wood at Bregorteen. This is the first county record since 1944. The only other county record was from Stokestown by Miss E. Rawlins.
Paula's photos shows the crimping at the base of the bracts really well, the only sedge that does this.