Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Fumaria bastardii (Tall Ramping-fumitory) var. hibernica & var. bastardii

 This time of year the Fumaria are coming into their own again. Above is a large stand of var. hibernica along a road bank in Wexford. Var. hibernica is slightly rarer than var. bastardii in the county. Sometimes you can see both growing together. Then it is obvious they are different.

Above are pictures of Fumaria bastardii var.  hibernica - note the upper petal wings, which turns up is dark red.
Below - Fumaria bastardii var. bastardii - note the upper petal is pale pink.

Now I have got used to doing the two var. I can normally do then before I get close to the plants as var. bastardii is a even pale pink all over apart from the red tip of the. Whilst var. hibernica often is white grading into a darker pink before the dark red tips.

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