Thursday, 12 January 2017

Taraxacum ronae - first new species for Co. Wexford in 2017

 Taraxacum ronae - the first new species to be added to Wexford in 2017. This is a native dandelion of the midlands of Ireland northward and the southwest of England. Wexford joins the gap nicely with Southwest England. Note the black spots on the leaves. The photos were taken at Knockroe a few miles NE of New Ross. Confirmed by John Richards the BSBI Dandelion Referee. As I found this site on 10th January I went and checked another site yesterday where I had seen dandelions with black spots on their leaves last year, but didn't try to ID at the time. As expected it was the same species. Both sites are on open road banks. Looked at another nearby road bank and there it was again. Flowering nicely at this time of year.

 Flower head about to open.

 Above: underside of flower. Below: whole plant.

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