Monday, 31 October 2016

Alchemilla glabra (Smooth Lady's-mantle) a new native species for Wexford

 Sometimes I think I'm sent little messages to tell me the plant is there! I saw this lovely grassy slope with gorse bushes and thought I must have a look for Alchemilla filicaulis subsp. vestita (Common Lady's mantle) as the habitat looked suitable, not that this Alchemilla has been recorded in the county for over 25 years or in this area of the county. After looking at the grassy slope I walked across a stubble field full of purple Wild Pansy. There in the stubble was one Alchemilla, just leaves. The adjoining pasture grazed by two horses had lots of Alchemilla. Decided it wasn't A. filicaulis as it looked too large. Took it must be Alchemilla xanthochlora (Intermediate Lady's-mantle) which was found new to the county last year. Once home and having a good look at it, I couldn't fine a hair anywhere on the plant, using various books they all took me to Alchemilla glabra (Smooth Lady's-mantle) a species that has never been recorded in Wexford before. The nearest site is over 40km away on the Kildare/Wicklow border. Returned today and collected more material to send the BSBI Referee. It was one stressful revisit, the two horses went crazy at the site of me and the Great Dane came and had a good bark. The field is large, but joins the farm house.

It was a great finish to the end of the recording season!

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