Thursday, 31 March 2016

Helleborus viridis (Green Hellebore) new for Wexford

 Today I walked along the River Slaney in lovely warm sun and came across Green Hellebore in a beech wood by a large ruin (below). This is the first time Green Hellebore has been recorded for the county. The strange thing was later in the day I came across the Hellebore again, this time on the bank of a stream by the roadside. There were many clumps in the beech wood and 3 clumps of the Hellebore on the stream bank.
The beech wood was really nice as Sweet Violet and Early Dog-violet were both common, the latter is a rare Violet in the county. Ranunculus auricomus (Goldilocks Buttercup) was also in the beech wood, a new species for the hectad.
 Below: Green Hellebore on stream bank.

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